Ethical IT pride themselves in delivering high quality, cost effective and sustainable IT and Telephony solutions to charities, social enterprises, community groups and voluntary organisations.

Our extensive experience within the social change sector ensures that we appreciate the financial and technical limits within which organisations often work.  We therefore aim to take the stress out of the management of IT and Telephony, providing our clients with transparent and reliable support, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Our promise to you:

  • To always treat you fairly and with respect, offering a friendly and polite service
  • To answer Email and Telephone calls as promptly as we can, providing you with an acknowledgement and case reference number wherever required
  • To prioritize calls based on low, medium, high and critical and action accordingly
  • To manage our workload effectively so that all problems are addressed in a structured and orderly manner from the queue
  • To provide easy to understand information and feedback on problems and let you know when we resolve and close your case
  • To maintain Ethical IT systems to the highest possible standard, to ensure our systems are as reliable as possible.

What we ask in return:

  • Wherever possible, please email us your request or problem.  We then get the correct email address for future correspondence and a clear time of receipt.

Why do we ask you to email?

  • It makes it much easier to log, assign and track issues as they progress as it’s all documented.
  • Important information and contact information is provided in black and white and there is less room for miscommunication.
  • More people are able to view the query as the support emails go to the whole team – this means lots of people can input where necessary.
  • There is much less distraction with an email allowing the IT Team to work through problems without many interruptions which can affect concentration
  • Time spent by the team on entering calls into the helpdesk is reduced, again giving more time to resolve problems.
  • The chronological order of calls is more easily preserved, meaning people don’t jump the queue and your issues are all dealt with as quickly as possible
  • Please be patient; emails (and calls) will be placed in the queue and answered in a way that is fair to everyone.
  • Be aware that serious issues sometimes have to take greater precedence.
  • Please supply us with more information if we ask you to.

Contacting the Helpdesk:

  • For most queries:

Please email We will acknowledge all emails with a response generally within a maximum of 4 working hours, usually sooner. This response is only sent once your query has been seen, so you can be sure that it has been assigned to someone and we’ll begin working on it.  Please email and not the personal accounts of the IT team – things may get missed if individuals are away.

Non-Urgent Queries include;

  • Changes to your phones/data points (new extensions & connections;
  • Moving connections around the office; additional services you would like activated)
  • Issues which can be worked around (problems with phone manager;
  • Problems with individual phones or computers within the office;
  • Problems with setting up/altering voicemail; problems with communal equipment etc)
  • Requests / queries for advice on changes you wish to make.

We aim to follow up to all non-urgent queries within 24-48 hours. Each issue will be prioritised according to 5 levels of urgency. Depending on the priority of the issue, we will aim to find a resolution within 2 – 6 days. For a breakdown of the different priority levels, please see below.

NB: Most Non-Urgent tickets are assigned Priority Level 3

  • For urgent queries

If your query needs to be dealt with immediately, you can phone the helpdesk on 020 7065 0780 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public bank holidays.

When no-one is available the call will go to the Helpdesk Voicemail. Please leave a voicemail – it is checked regularly and someone will get back to you asap.

Urgent queries include;

  • Loss of phone service/voicemail service for your whole organisation.
  • Loss of internet service for your whole organization.
  • Following up an issue for which you have not received a ticket number
  • Following up an issue you do not feel is being handled correctly.

What happens next?
Once you have contacted the Helpdesk, your call will be logged in our ticket system. They will initially look at the problem, assess its priority level and decide whether they are able to deal with it personally.

If they are unable to resolve an issue, it will immediately be escalated to a senior member of staff and/or third party support as appropriate and added to their ‘Queue’.

Staff check their queues several times a day, and will generally only work on tickets which sit within their queue. This is why it is especially important not to email staff directly unless specifically requested to on an issue! Once your ticket has been assigned to a member of staff, they will contact you as soon as they can and begin to deal with your request.

If at any time you feel that your ticket has not been correctly prioritised, or is not being dealt with as it should, please feel free to contact the Helpdesk by phone or email to discuss this in the first instance. If you still do not feel happy, please escalate the issue to the senior team (see Comments and Complaints below).

Priority Levels

Priority Level Description Resolution
1 Critical Users unable to work Up to 4 hours
2 High User difficulty/inconvenience;
Usually with work-around
Up to 1 day
3 Medium Non urgent issues e.g. extension changes,  Up to 3 days phone manager help etc Up to 3 days
4 Low e.g. routine equipment purchase Up to 3 days
5 To be discussed e.g. project work Up to 10 days Up to 7 days

If your issue is not covered
If your issue is something which is not covered by Ethical IT (e.g we do not look after the internal computer networks of most of our tenants), the Helpdesk will inform you of this.  It may be that we can still assist you with your issue, but there would be an additional charge. This charge will be discussed with you, and the work will only be undertaken once the additional cost has been agreed with you.

Comments and Complaints

To help improve our services, we would like to know what you think about our standard of service. We always welcome feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas whether positive or negative.

For further information please call 020 7065 0780  or email