Project Description



DVIP exist to help make women and children safer. With services across London, they work to stop domestic violence and to reduce the harm it causes.  The organisation are spread across multiple sites in London and were using a Novell-based email system which was several years old, lacked key functionality, and the server was causing issues.  Access to shared files was also a problem, as there was no stable way to maintain a centralised shared file infrastructure; there were frequent outages and disruptions and local servers were running and needing to be maintained at each site.

As a solution, we deployed a new HP host server at the main Head Office, together with a SAN storage array to provide maximum resilience.

Through the use of vmware technology, we then implemented a new centralised Microsoft Exchange environment, migrated files to a new File Server (to be accessed locally at the Head Office) and a Terminal Server provided full access to all resources for the satellite offices via Remote Desktop, which was also available to home users for remote access. Internet lines were upgraded to FTTC where available and Bonded ADSL where not to ensure the best performance.