Project Description



Malaria Consortium, based in Ethical Property’s Development House, began with eight IT users in their central London office, and have quickly grown to over 250 users in the UK, Africa and Asia; that’s 250 people accessing emails from all four corners of the globe, often working in areas lacking real infrastructure and facilities.  Ethical IT were able to co-locate all of their email accounts, and backup their data centrally, which meant that all that was necessary to set someone up to send and receive emails was a quick message sent to our Helpdesk.

Our server is stored in a dedicated Data Centre in London. When we relocated it here in 2008 we also took the chance to upgrade the system which means that we effectively have one machine doing the work of several.  This upgrade of our systems means Malaria Consortium now benefit from very fast internet access through the infrastructure at the Data Centre, and we can offer a faster service to all their users, including those working remotely around the world. Staff in their offices have now got access to advanced email systems, web based mailing, secure anti-spam and anti-virus protection, advanced integration for blackberry and mobile devices and – if needed – full support from our IT helpdesk.

Not only did Malaria Consortium save on capital costs, but they have saved a huge amount of energy by co-locating with other users, greening their IT considerably, in fact, co-locating and sharing running costs can save 1800 kg of carbon per year, as compared with running a stand-alone server.   On top of this, by ‘virtualising’ the server so one machine is doing the job of several, Ethical IT have also reduced the carbon footprint of the server itself.