Project Description



Oxfordshire Mind are a mental health charity that exist to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.  Having secured funding for a new head office in Kings Meadow, Oxford, they required a total refurbishment of what was an old office space, and wanted to take the opportunity to centralise and improve their IT and Telephony systems.
Ethical IT were involved right from the start, meeting with contractors on site during the refurbishment and advising on how the office and cabling could be laid out to provide the most robust and flexible network possible.

After agreeing the requirements MIND had for their call handling, EIT specified an Avaya IP500 phone system, with roughly 20 analogue extensions. The system needed in incorporate MIND’s day activity centre, The Mill, at another location in Oxford. Therefore the system was configured with additional VOIP extensions, with calls to the Mill routed via the main office phone system over the internet.

We always looks to the future when specifying systems such as this, and in late 2009 another mental health organization approached us also wanting a new phone system. The organization shared the staffing of a patient information line with MIND, and we were able to link the two Avaya systems to enable much more cost effective and simpler call handling management for the 2 organisations and free internal calls between them.

Before the office move, files were shared from individual PC’s, requiring a manual backup process and low resilience. A new server was installed at the new office using VM Ware ESXi and virtual servers were configured to create a new domain as well as shared storage, backed up daily, and centralized Antivirus management. An additional virtualised server was configured for management of the phone system, and to provide remote access to MIND’s case tracking database, via terminal services.

Finally, audio Visual equipment was installed in the main meeting room, and Oxfordshire MIND’s email was migrated onto Ethical IT’s co-located email infrastructure, which uses MS Exchange 2007 technology

Oxfordshire MIND now has a data and phone infrastructure that is more secure, more usable and more flexible, whilst being much easier to manage and maintain. This is backed up by staff having the Ethical IT helpdesk team as a central point of contact for ongoing support.