Project Description


Complete managed IT and Voice support


  • Office move & related infrastructure
  • Migration to Ethical IT Private Cloud Services
  • Selective use of Microsoft Office 365 (zero cost)
  • Integrated internet and telephony solution

With 15 per cent of young people failing to make a successful move from education into employment, ThinkForward is a breakthrough programme which intervenes early to significantly improve the chances of those most at risk of dropping out.

ThinkForward came to Ethical IT via existing charity ImpetusPEF, requiring a complete “one stop shop” approach, including an office move, new hardware, setup of new internet and telephone systems, migration of email to Office 365 and a requirement for a secure, non-public cloud based file storage solution for the organizations’ shared drives.

Leveraging ThinkForward’s charitable status to benefit from the E1 version of Microsoft Office 365, Ethical IT was able to implement the cloud platform for zero license cost, giving up to 300 user mailboxes accessible from anywhere on any device, and many other benefits like Skype for Business and Video Conferencing, and SharePoint for Intranet, all included for free.

A dedicated project team was deployed to plan and deliver the migration in a staged and fully managed approach, including bringing in trusted partners to conduct office fit out, cabling, spec and design of internet connectivity, deployment of VOIP telephony and rollout of new SurfaceBook Pro ultra-portable laptop/tablet hybrid workstations.

Sensitive data such as financial files, HR records etc. were deemed unsuitable for provision on Microsoft’ public cloud offering, therefore Ethical IT’s Private Cloud hosting platform, 100% owned and managed in house, was utilized. A bespoke, private set of file servers was configured and integrated, giving used the benefits of cloud storage, automated backups and managed support, all within a dedicated private platform.

Adopting a fully cloud based IT and Telephony infrastructure means ThinkForward staff are free to work from anywhere, securely, and fully integrated with office systems.

Future office moves become a simple matter of setting up an internet line at the new location; everything else moves with them.
Other benefits include:

  • Complete managed solution – a single point of contact for everything, simplifying support
  • Zero physical servers on site – cost and risk reduction
  • Reduction in carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption
  • Future upgrades already included in Office 365 subscription forever
  • Charity status provides free of charge donation of Office 365
  • Greater reliability – 99.7% up time guarantee with Office 365
  • Almost unlimited mailbox sizes meaning no user restrictions on email
  • Complete flexibility and transparency in cost – a Per User Per Month fee applies and can move up or down as the organisation changes over time

“Ethical IT have managed the set up in our new office of all our IT systems, including internet, phones, workstations and a move to Office 365 for emails and their private cloud for shared files, and even including data cabling on site. This one stop shop approach has given us everything we need to get up and running with a new, flexible cloud based IT platform, and a single point of contact for staff support” 

Director – ThinkForward