Project Description



Voluntary Action Islington (VAI) is a non-profit membership organisation supporting social change causes in the North London area. 

They were facing various issues such as ageing on-site servers and an inconsistent IT experience for their tenants, resulting in a complex and time consuming support and administration overhead for the building management team.

We worked closely with VAI to develop a plan to standardise the tenant IT offering, replacing the desktops and removing the on-site servers which were at their end of life, and migrating key VAI databases and website systems to our IT’s own private cloud platform.

All existing desktops were recycled and replacement units were configured to a standard VAI settings and rolled out to the tenants for their use as part of their lease agreement.  VAI are a non-profit organisation, so the replacement PCs were shipped with full versions of Microsoft Office and Windows 7, and included a 3 year hardware warranty, at no extra cost.
At implementation, a Service Level Agreement commenced providing VAI with full support from our Service Desk team, based locally in Old Street, London, giving guaranteed response and fix times, an escalation point and regular account management and service review meetings to ensure the service VAI offer to their tenants is constantly improving.

Since launch, the tenants have benefited from streamlined, consistent workstations and now have the option of moving their own data to either Microsoft or to the Ethical IT Cloud system, allowing them to access all their work from anywhere in the world.  Most importantly, VAI’s internal staff have been freed up from dealing with time consuming tenant IT matters, allowing them to focus on their core business.